A little about the Author:

I'm a retired Nova Scotia high school guidance counselor who has finally found time to devote to pursuits like writing and painting.

Though originally from Prince Edward Island, my home for the last 46 years has been in Barrington, on Nova Scotia's southwestern shore.

I have always been interested in writing, even as a teenager, and in my B.A. program took a Special Topic course in Creative Writing. While I produced the occasional short story during my teaching career (and occasionally made use of them in class), I found it difficult to bring any novels to completion due to the demands on my time.

During the 1980's I had a regular opinion column in the Shelburne Coast Guard newspaper ("Through a Single Window"), and for the last few years have continued that as a blog. The two Storm novels, while set in Maine, have a main character who is a school counselor—I'm writing about what I know well.

Approaching Storm was published as a "first novel" and I'm thrilled with the compliments from many of its readers, who email me, comment on Facebook, or just come up to me in the community to tell me how much they enjoyed the book. It's obviously a page-turner, and I often hear stories of readers stuck in the book until the early hours of the morning. A number of readers suggested they would like to see a sequel to Approaching Storm, which I hadn't anticipated (a few of them even offered suggestions on possible plot twists to make that happen).

I did some thinking about the possibility, and finally decided on returning to the characters six years later: In Storm Passing, Belle is sixteen years old, and life suddenly takes an unexpected turn.



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